Monique Huey Jones began her career on the red carpet….literally!  In her early days at PMK, one of the largest celebrity PR firms in the world, she was pushed onto the red carpet and ordered to walk the first celebrity that arrived at her company's Oscar event.  Out walks Drew Barrymore and Monique immediately fell in love with the entertainment industry!  She continued to represent celebrities as a personal publicist but quickly discovered a close relationship between stars and the labels they wore.  Trusting her instincts, she put a cold call into one of the largest luxury brands in the world, Louis Vuitton, and proposed they team up to solidify one of the greatest relationships; celebrities and luxury brands.  Soon thereafter, she worked with brands including Prada, Tod’s, Fendi, Marc Jacobs, H. Stern, Cavalli, Bulgari, Tory Burch, Pomellato, Gucci, and many more.  With a background in personal PR, she was able to position the label's designer as a “celebrity” by garnering them press as an individual.  She quickly learned the power of a celebrity face and was able to boost the advertising value of a star wearing a particular brand.  Monique then took her partnerships to the next level and began working in special events.  Within one account, she could attain personal press for the designer, secure celebrities to wear the brand, build an event guest list full of A-list stars, and fill a red carpet with media to cover it all! 

During Monique’s 8-years at PMK, she worked in the company's Los Angeles, CA office and relocated to Chicago, IL to open PMK, Chicago.  In 2007, she started her own PR firm, Monique Jones PR, with offices in Los Angeles and Chicago.