Our Services

Public Relations

Rooted In Relationships

MJPR has nurtured deeply-rooted relationships in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle space for over 15 years, allowing us to provide top-line media coverage for our clients as brands and as individuals.

With an integrated approached and strategically crafted outreach, we position our clients to imprint a lasting impression across all media categories. From product placements to personal PR, we build relationships on behalf of our clients to secure press coverage across print, digital, television and social media.


Experiences Cause Connections

MJPR likes to think of ourselves as the team behind the curtain – we are capable of handling all aspects of an event including press coverage, guest lists and production. We take a thoughtful approach to every event, creating experiences that are true to our clients and memorable engagements between attendees, forming a true connection to the brand.

Retail Clienteling Events
Hyper-Targeted Means Instant ROI

MJPR makes brand ROI a priority for our clients to clearly identify how our work reaches their goals. We secure top-tiered shoppers for our clients and create the ultimate in-store experience for our select guests, encouraging and maximizing sales opportunities as a direct return on investment. We work side by side with your retail team to optimize their sales driven goals and help cultivate long term client relationships.

Brand Partnerships & Consulting

Create More Together

MJPR has established exclusive relationships among brands, influencers and celebrities to connect and build strategic partnerships that result in press coverage and brand awareness. We identify like-minded brands that share similar values and coordinate partnerships from strategic brainstorms to press coverage, whether the goal is a co-branded product or brand ambassadors.